Healthcare is in the midst of a genetic revolution. The integration of genetic risk factors into personalised care can allow individuals, their family and healthcare providers to proactively manage their health. Everyone will benefit from the explosion of information that is coming. Individuals will gain insights and clinicians will be able to tailor patient care. The larger medical and research communities will have access to huge datasets with which they can accelerate disease understanding and improve prevention and management. This revolution is playing out across the world's stage, including here in the UK through the NHS effort to sequence 100K clinical genomes.  

This town hall event, which is free and open to all, will focus on the role of personal genomics in the genetic revolution. We invite interested individuals, healthcare professionals, policy makers, academics researchers and other stakeholders to attend and join in the dialogue.

Moderated by: Peter Donnelly, Director, Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford

Date: Thursday, 16 April 2015
Time: 19:15 - 20:30
Location: Sheldonian Theatre, Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3AZ

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Anne Wojcicki
CEO and Co-Founder, Anne Wojcicki started 23andMe, following a 10-year background in healthcare investing, with a hope to empower consumers with access to their own genetic information and change the face of health care. From her vantage point, Anne saw a need for creating a way to generate more information - especially more personalized information - so that commercial and academic researchers could better understand and develop new drugs and diagnostics.

By encouraging individuals to access and learn about their own genetic information, 23andMe is also contributing to the creation of a common, standardized resource that could potentially accelerate drug discovery and bring personalized medicines to public. Anne graduated from Yale University with a B.S. in Biology.

Peter Donnelly, FRS, FMedSci
Peter Donnelly is Director of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, and Professor of Statistical Science, at the University of Oxford. Peter's research focuses on understanding the genetic basis of human diseases. He played a leading role in the International HapMap Project, and led the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium (WTCCC), at the time the largest study of the role of genetic variation in susceptibility to common diseases, and its successor WTCCC2, a series of collaborative studies of 15 further diseases and traits. Peter has led the development and application of sophisticated analytical methods for genomic data. Other research interests include using genetic and genomic approaches to understand human population history, mammalian recombination and mircrobes.

About 23andMe
23andMe, Inc. is the leading personal genetics company. Founded in 2006, the mission of the company is to help people access, understand and benefit from the human genome. 23andMe has over 900,000 customers worldwide with over 80 percent consented to participate in research. 23andMe, Inc. is located in Mountain View, CA. More information is available at